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Covid-19 Is Back: President Museveni Takes Forced Leave After Testing Positive

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President Museveni Takes Forced Leave After Testing Positive

Barely a day after testing positive for Covid-19, President Museveni said on Thursday that he had taken “forced leave” and assigned Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja to handle his duties for two days (June 8 and 9).

Mr. Museveni claimed he had been “very cautious with corona” but recently had to stop using facemasks because they were giving him adverse reactions in the eyes and throat. “Remember when I had vocal problems twice during the election?
It is a component of the allergy. Thus, I have received the second forced leave in the 53 years since we began the battle against Idi Amin.

Another time, I had sinus issues and had to be inactive for a few days at Mweya,” he tweeted on Thursday.

Despite having moderate flu-like symptoms on Tuesday, Mr. Museveni, 78, claimed he continued writing on my lengthy State of the Nation Address and attending meetings in Entebbe.

However, I became aware of some minor flu-like symptoms in the right nostril yesterday morning. I then called my doctors to get samples and rule out Corona at that point. They collected three samples: two PCRs and one fast sample.
Both the fast test and one of the PCRs returned negative results. One of the PCRs, though, came out positive.

In order to be safe, I drove to Kololo apart from Maama’s automobile while the samples were brought back for confirmation. It was established that I had Corona after I returned from Kololo,” he said.

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