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Witchcraft Or Illuminati? See How Violence Has Overtaken & ‘Killed’ The Mayanja Brothers- Dark Secrets 

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The Mayanja Family is one of the most talented music families in Uganda’ s local music industry. Four of the eight children of Mr. Gerald and Prossy Mayanja have served and are still serving the music family.

These are Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon, Pius Mayanja formerly known as Lizard now known as Pallaso, Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel and the late Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK- 47.


Whereas these brothers continue to inspire a new generation of musicians, it is important to note that except the late AK- 47, the other three singing brothers have both domestic and street violence outshining their beautiful music. It is alleged that AK- 47′ s death was a result of fights that were in most cases provoked by his brother Chameleon.

A source explained to the Grapevine news that because of the attacks, Chameleon had deployed a group of strong men commonly known as ‘ egaali’ to protect his kid brother. These men provoked and won fights especially in clubs. However, on the night AK- 47′ s was killed, he had left his bouncers outside, and when he went to the washroom, his killer pounced on him and murdered him.

Pallaso fans had ranked the malamu singer as the less troubled among the Mayanja singing brothers until early this week when he appeared in a video physically assaulting singer Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin while commanding him to respect him.


Whereas many allege it was a stunt allegedly staged to promote Pallaso’ s love fest concert happening at Lugogo cricket Oval on June 9th, it downplayed his relevance and he has since been in the media making interviews asking for Alien Skin’ s forgiveness to gain sympathy.

The fight made Alien Skin more popular and also painted a likable picture of the sitya danger singer as many started observing his superior IQ and maturity with the way he handled the situation. This fight is the first fist fight that has Pallaso as the villain since 2014 when he returned to Uganda from the United States.

Upon his return, Pallaso who was then signed under Team No Sleep of Jeff Kiwa wanted to front his thug life. He was once recorded on video mercilessly punching a security guard who was in charge of security for Radio and Weasel’ s neverland home. That same year, he got arrested together with Jeff Kiwa and the late AK- 47 for allegedly beating the late Mowzey Radio. He also had an encounter with a boxer called Batantu who beat him blue black.


Some sources say he was attacked over a woman. Since then, Pallaso has been in the fans’ good books although insiders in his camp say people need to be cautious around him. Despite his lovey dovey lyrics, he moves with a team of thugs aka bouncers aka egaali.

Pallaso’ s other brother Weasel has been accused of domestic violence. He has twice been accused of beating his wife Sandra Teta although he and Teta trashed the allegations on both times despite Teta having bruises all over he face and body as a result of violence inflicted on her.

The Mayanja’ s elder brother Jose Chameleon is ranked as Uganda’ s finest. He has done songs on almost everything including Domestic violence in his song Jamila. Whatever message he advocated for in the song was stained when his wife Daniela Atim accused him of domestic violence. Besides that, Chameleon is still battling with the murder of Karamaji, whom he allegedly burned after Karamaji allegedly trespassed in his home.


Chameleon has also had bad encounters with fellow artists like DJ Micheal and also publically beat a motorcyclist ahead of his gwanga mujje concert that happened early this year. The list of Chameleone’ s lawless and violent deeds is as long as his music career.

Despite being ranked as the best in Uganda, Chameleon’ s bad behavior and violence outshines his good music. Many music lovers quickly recall his violent actions compared to his first songs.

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