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Meet Uganda’s Political Activist With 81 Children & 3 Pregnant Women! ! His Age Will Shock You 😏!

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Meet Ugandas Political Activist With 81 Children 3 Pregnant Women His Age Will Shock You 😏

The former senior presidential press secretary, Tamale Mirundi has shocked Ugandans after disclosing his capability in producing children and marrying wives.

Tamale Mirundi who was on Baba TV on Tuesday said that at the age of 70, he has 81 children and that three of his wives are now pregnant and soon giving birth which may push the number to 83 children.

The former Presidential Press Secretary was hosted by Simon Lutaaya who was sent into comma by the statement and requested Tamale to repeat himself so he could understand him correctly.


Mirundi who is now 70 years old reacted by stating that he does, in fact, have 81 children as he also stated that every year for the following 20 years, he will have a child graduate from university.

” I have said that I have 81 children and very soon, three of my wives are giving birth, so I’ m still producing, and in the following 20 years, I will have a child graduating from a university every year, ” he said.

Mirundi brags about having several lovers and despises anyone who advocates for family planning, adding that if his mother used family planning method, the world would have missed a wise man like him.


” In my family, I can’ t allow family planning. I am the ninth born of the 11 children that my mother produced. Now imagine if she was on family planning, the world would have missed a wise man like me, ” Mirundi said.

Mirundi’ s statement left many Ugandans in shock after hearing that he has 81 children as he takes care of all of them plus giving them education.


However some call them just his words since he always makes funny and joky statements to attract the attention of his fans.

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