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Is Muhoozi Getting Ready To Succeed? See How Muhoozi, Museveni Supporters’ Clash In Kyankwanzi Affected Presidential Endorsement

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Is Muhoozi Getting Ready To Succeed The New Light Paper

The caucus retreat of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the party in power, took place in Kyankwanzi, and it was a battle between two parties that arrived there with opposing goals. The telltale indications were clear, the plans were dark, the architects were on high alert, and the terrain was favorable for both.

At first, there was a strong demand for the distinctive army green Kyankwanzi uniform, which succeeded in uniting the supporters. However, as the ten-day period drew to a close, members began subtly asking for T-shirts bearing the slogans “tova ku Main” or “MK Standby generator.”

The two were not the focus of the retreat, but like many retreats before it, this one too ended in knees and collapsing to the ground in order to approve resolutions or force the chairman, President Museveni, into agreeing to stand once more.

The strategy was well thought out, but unlike the prior occasions, this time, a different group was prepared with weapons and was eager to sabotage it.

The proposers of President Museveni started making plans to ambush him by forcing a resolution in his face, encouraging him to accept to run for the president in 2026, as the days grew closer with the penultimate activities in Ngoma, Nakaseke District.

Printed documents and posters were made available for him to sign as soon as he accepted the endorsement.

After learning of the preparations, the Muhoozi group planned a blow that would render the other party’s strategy useless.

A group of 30 self-seekers (MPs) are expected to gather at Kyankwanzi tomorrow to support President Museveni as the only candidate for the 2026 elections, according to a reliable source. The Muhoozi movement’s spokesperson Daudi Kabanda remarked the night before Ngoma, “We know some of them are vying for ministerial seats while the others want to keep their ministerial positions.

By morning, many of the participants had lost interest in the T-shirts with either theme and had instead decided to continue wearing their army green attire.

There was dispute about the resolution endorsing President Museveni, and members demanded that it be fully withdrawn and the text revised.

Because some foot soldiers were not told in the meantime, troop movements were not coordinated. They did follow through on their plan, and during one of the opening meetings of the final day, they seemed to continue chanting for Museveni to accept the endorsement.

Unfortunately, Museveni had also read the room and chose to wave back instead of engaging in the political ramblings of that discussion or saying anything.

He was unaware of their efforts as they crumpled to the ground, knelt, and produced slogans on T-shirts and placards from a distance.

Team Muhoozi continued to shout in the background, causing an unpleasant atmosphere that would result in a lose-lose situation because none of the players would achieve their objectives.

Muhoozi’s team came back together and sprinted into the wilderness to rejoice. They could be heard screaming “MK Oyeee” from a distance as they applauded themselves for frustrating the other team.

As everyone finally sat down to eat the dinner President Museveni had planned for them to leave, the endorsement arrangements fell through.

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