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Police Investigating Into Sheikh Kamoga’s Illegal Detention Of People In His Home

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Police investigate into Sheikh Kamogas alleged illegal detention of people in his home

Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Kamoga, the leader of Jumiat Dawa Al Salafiya at Nakasero Mosque, is being investigated into for allegedly keeping 40 people at his residence in Kawempe Division, aged 14 to 28.

According to SCP Fred Enanga, a police spokeswoman, the security squad was sent to Sheikh Kamoga’s home after their investigations revealed that several people there had been imprisoned illegally.

“The inquiries began after one Sarah Nabbosa, a senior two student at St. Lawrence London College, received a phone call from his son asking her to beg his father to remove him from the supposed Sharia school and send him back to the [regular] school.

The mother, a 35-year-old businesswoman from Kitunda zone named Ssabagabo Makindye, tracked down the house where her son was living in Tula zone called Kawempe 1. She asked to bring her son to her old school, but the administration refused, and she was sent running.

When he picked up her son on May 29, 2023, for school, his father Twaha Mukiibi instead took him for the covert sharia law instruction, Mr. Enanga stated.

According to police, a security crew proceeded to Sheikh Kamoga’s house and discovered additional persons there.

Therefore, he stated, “the purpose of this training center that is only open to male youngsters limited from neighbors seems problematic.
He claimed that only one meal per day was provided for the prisoners.

“We are now determining if this facility has a license to function as a school by consulting with the Ministry of Education. In order to better understand the purpose of this covert training, we intend to record comments from Sheikh Kamoga, his administration, and all of the parents of the victims, Mr. Enanga said before reiterating that “We are not targeting Muslim community members in any way.”

Parents who are worried about their children’s safety and the fact that they were taken off the regular school curriculum have complained to us.

At the weekend, Sheikh Kamoga told reporters that the security raid had place while he was away.
“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: We are law-abiding citizens. We are powerless to resist when security demands that we do so. Despite being brutalized, we have continued to be law-abiding citizens, and we have no plans to change, according to Sheikh Kamoga.

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