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8 dead in South Africa shooting at mens hostel near Durban The New Light Paper

In the most recent mass shooting in the nation, gunmen broke into a room at a men’s hostel close to the eastern South African city of Durban, murdering eight people and injuring two more, according to authorities.

Immediately following the Saturday morning shooting in the early hours in the Umlazi township, seven males were pronounced dead. On Sunday, authorities reported the death of an eighth guy.

A man who leapt out of the window of the hostel room to flee the shooting is one of the two other people with injuries who are being treated at the hospital. 12 men were reportedly drinking beer in the room when several armed males stormed in, opened fire, and then escaped, according to the police.

Unharmed were two of the other males in the room.

With a recent rash of mass shootings, South Africa is one of the ten nations with the highest homicide rates in the world. Earlier this year, there were at least two reports of mass shootings.

Ten family members were killed at a home in April, including a youngster. At a birthday celebration in January, eight people were fatally shot.

Over the course of one weekend last year, three separate shootings at bars in various sections of the nation claimed the lives of 22 individuals.

Although South Africa has relatively strong gun laws, there are significant issues with illegal firearms, according to police and community groups.

According to official crime figures, 30 persons on average a day were slain in South Africa by firearms in the first three months of this year. More than 4,000 instances of illegal possession of firearms or ammunition were reported to police during the same three months.

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