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Kulthum Weep While Filing A Complaint Against Bad Black At CPS

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Hajjat Kulthum, M.D. Nabunya Gumisiriza became upset when filing a complaint against Bad Black at the Central Police Station (CPS) for insulting her and the husband.

Acram Gumisiriza and Dr. Kulthum Nabunya want Bad Black to appear in court and provide evidence for all she claimed to have said about their family and Kulthum’s only kid.

The famous couple wants justice to prevail in order to demonstrate to Bad Black that she is not above the law as she boasted in her films mocking them.

Engineer Acram determined that this time, Bad Black would have to deal with the consequences so that she may learn a lesson or two and stop insulting people without cause.

Under reference number 1303/06/2023, allegations against Bad Black include cyberharassment and insulting a woman’s modesty.

In response to the couple, Bad Black wrote on Facebook that the charges brought against her are bailable and that she is sure she will win.

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