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Deputy DISO Arrested For Assaulting Journalist

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Deputy DISO arrested for assaulting journalist

Police are holding Saul Ssimbwa, the Deputy Buvuma District Internal Security Officer-ISO for assaulting Henry Nsubuga, the New Vision correspondent for Greater Mukono. Nsubuga had gone for an interview at the Resident District Commissioner’s office on Thursday morning when Ssimbwa assaulted him.

Nsubuga claims that the DISO discovered him waiting for an interview while sitting on the RDC’s verandah and enquired about his whereabouts. Nsubuga thought it was a joke at first, but was startled when Ssimbwa quickly grabbed him by the neck. Nsubuga was knocked to the ground during the ensuing scuffle, and Ssimbwa kicked him twice in the back.

I was unable to stop myself from falling, so my only recourse at the time was to yell for aid. The RDC and her deputy were close when I raised the alarm, and they both asked him what had happened. However, he instead went into his office without answering anything. It is told by Nsubuga. The RDC was informed of the occurrence by Nsubuga, who then gave him the go-ahead to have Ssimbwa arrested.

The deputy resident district commissioner for Buvuma, Patrick Mubiru, expressed regret for the situation and said that they had already been in touch with their superiors to ensure Ssimbwa would face the proper disciplinary action. Ssimbwa had previously assaulted persons who came to the RDC’s office seeking help, according to Mubiru, who cited a previous instance involving an elderly woman.

Vincent Kafeero, a citizen of Kitamiiro in Buvuma, demanded that Ssimbwa be relieved of his duties because he often threatens and molests locals. Kafeero claims that Ssimbwa frequently brags about his prior role as a senior officer in the Special Forces Command, implying a lack of empathy for common people.

“He never stops reminding us that he was a high officer in the Special Forces leadership and that they are trained there to have little empathy for regular people. He has abused numerous people in Buvuma, but most of them are afraid to call the police, says Kafeero.

At Buvuma Health Center VII, Nsubuga is receiving medical care.

The assault caused soft tissue injuries to Nsubuga’s back, including damage to muscles, ligaments, and tendons, according to the attending medical officer, Julius Nyonjo. Attacking anyone, especially journalists, is a serious act that restricts press freedom and infringes on the rights of those carrying out their jobs.

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