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Catechist Arrested For Sodomising 20-Year-Old Boy

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Ex Mitooma catechist arrested for sodomising 20 year old man The New Light Paper

David Livingstone Kagabwa, a former catechist, has been detained by police in the Mitooma district on charges of sodomizing and trafficking in human beings.

According to Martial Tumusiime, spokesman for the Greater Bushenyi Police, Kenneth Atuhikire, a resident of Karubuga B village in the Bushenyi district’s Ibaare sub-county, is also wanted by the police.

According to Tumusiime, the victim, Derrick Atwijukyire, met Kagabwa, a close friend of his mother Juliet Kyarisimira, last month while attending the burial of his grandmother in Kigunda A cell, Mitooma district.

Tumusiime claims that Kagabwa revealed his contact information and made a promise to find Atwijukyire a job during their conversation. He adds that Kagabwa and Atwijukyire met on Monday of this week at Kati High School in the Mitooma District and shared with him that he had secured him a job. According to the allegations, Kagabwa and Atwijukyire took a motorcycle to Atuhikire’s house in the Bushenyi district.

When they arrived at Atuhikire Kenneth’s house in the Bushenyi district, they found Turyasingura after he urged the victim to sit on it and rode him up. When Kagabwa was showering, he invited the victim to scrub his back and Obed, a worker for Kenneth, who had welcomed them, prepared water for him, Tumusiime said.

According to Tumusiime, Atuhikire made a bed for Kagabwa, Atwijukyire, and Atuhikire to sleep in. Tumusiime claims that Kagabwa and Atuhikire began kissing the victim and caressing his penis in the middle of the night. He continues by saying that they provided the victim Shs. 5,000 and instructed him not to report in the morning.

According to Tumusiime, Kagabwa leaped off the motorcycle as they were drawing near the Mitooma Central police station as the victim was being transported back to his home. After the victim raised the alarm, Kagabwa was taken into custody. Police have reportedly examined the victim as part of their inquiry, according to Tumusiime.

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