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28 Pilgrim’s Transport Robbed, 15 Arrested At Namugongo Shrines

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Namugongo Catholic shrine The New Light PAPER

As pilgrims continue to flock the prestigious Namugongo shrine to celebrate fallen saints and seek miracles, other individuals as usual take advantage of the times to snoop around and steal from victims.

According to the most recent information from the Kampala Metropolitan Police, 28 theft instances at both the Catholic and Anglican Martyrs’ shrines had been reported by Thursday evening, ahead of the official Martyrs’ Day celebrations.

Patrick Onyango, spokesman for the Kampala Metropolitan Police The 28 incidents include 13 phone thefts, 11 other types of theft, 1 case of malicious damage, and 1 case of intoxication.

According to Onyango, the Catholic shrine is where 14 out of the 15 individuals who were detained were found. He claims that while picking pockets from victims, officers dressed in civilian clothing netted the thugs.

At the Namugongo Shrines, 28 pilgrims were robbed and 15 were arrested for theft.

Onyango goes on to say that police have increased surveillance to keep up with expected criminal activity.

“We always anticipate instances where the wrong individuals show up to profit from such large numbers. Now, both within and outside of both stadiums, we have more intelligence teams. We let those who have come with malicious purpose know that we are prepared to deal with them,” adds Onyango.

At the location are commanders of riot and operations units, violent crime units, counterterrorism units, and military and police intelligence.

In Namugongo and its surrounding areas, such as Kireka, Naalya, Misindye, Sonde, Kira, and Bweyogerere, security personnel are strongly stationed at both the major and access ways.

At key locations, military and police patrol vehicles have been stationed, and others are patrolling important thoroughfares. At the catholic shrines of Namugongo, all significant and temporary entrance and exit points have been opened.

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