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Angry Girl Burn School Over Confiscated iPhone,19 Dead

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A fire in a school dormitory in Guyana that killed 19 children was lit by a student after her mobile phone was confiscated, police has reported.

According to the official report, “a female student is suspected of having set the devastating fire because her cell phone was taken away by the dorm’s mother and a teacher.”

According to the police, there were 57 students in the burning dormitory.

Six people’s deaths were attributed by a government pathologist to burns and smoke inhalation.

13 sets of remains have been sent to Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, for DNA analysis.

Following the incident, about 30 additional kids were hospitalized.

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The Burnt school dormitory

President Irfaan Ali proclaimed three days of national mourning on Monday. After visiting Mahdia’s hospital, the Guyanese head of state had a meeting with the deceased’s parents.

Mahdia, Guyana, dormitory that has burned downMahdia, Guyana, dormitory that has burned down

A dormitory at the school in the central Guyanan town of Mahdia caught fire.Department of Public Information of Guyana/AP photo/image collaboration

Information about the alleged arson incident

In the central Guyana hamlet of Mahdia, a dormitory for a school caught fire.

Unidentified government officials informed Agence France-Presse (AFP) that the student was being protected by police at Mahdia’s district hospital. According to the official, the teenager had acknowledged to starting the fire, and police were deciding whether or not to press charges.

An unnamed official spoke to AFP on condition of anonymity, saying, “They (staff) took away the girl’s phone and the girl threatened the same night that she will burn down the building and everyone heard her.”

Priya Manickchand, the minister of education, told Reuters that the complaints that the hostel lacked current fire alarm systems were “under investigation.”

Improvement across the sector must result from this, she said.

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