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Policeman Who Shot Indian money lender Is Normal – Enanga

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Policeman who shot Indian money lender normal and sound The New Light Paper

Ivan Wabwire, a police officer who fatally shot Uttam Bhandari Saremal, an Indian moneylender, at his Parliamentary Avenue office, has been “found to be normal and sound,” according to authorities.
Following a dispute over Bhandari’s loan payment schedule, PC Wabwire fatally shot him on May 12 at his Raja Chambers office.

After an Indian moneylender was fatally shot by a police officer in the eastern Ugandan district of Busia, PC Wabwire, who is from Bwalila village in Bumango Parish and Masinya Sub County, was apprehended yesterday as he tried to cross into neighboring Kenya. Museveni is demanding explanations.

“The evidence to date shows unequivocally that our officer’s actions were purposeful, planned, and premeditated. In civilian attire, the suspect met with Mr. Uttam Bhandari on May 11, 2023, at the Stanbic Bank William Street Branch to find out the status of his loan and to further discuss plans to trade it off for a salary loan. The outstanding loan quotation did not convince him. On August 5, 2020, the suspect obtained a Sh1,000,000 first loan from TFS Financial Services with interest of 320,000 after a year. 1,320,000 Shillings were sent in all, or $110,000 in 12 monthly installments. He obtained a second loan for Sh1,000,000 on May 5, 2021, with similar terms, but he missed payments, according to police spokesperson Fred Enanga.
On May 12, PC Wabwire left his CPS beat while still wearing his full uniform, took up a rifle with four magazines, and went directly to meet Uttam.

“He signed the visitors’ book when he arrived at the TFS Financial Services [offices] at Raja Chambers on Parliament Avenue and then walked directly to meet Mr. Uttam Bhandari. He had a brief conversation with the director while standing there with his hand on the revolver. The victim was instantly killed when the shooter corked his gun. He then picked up his loan application, left the area for a short while, and then came back, firing more shots at the victim. Only the victims were his intended aim, according to SCP Enanga’s narration.

PC Wabwire boldly left the scene of the incident and boarded a boda boda that deposited him off at CPS Kampala. Before leaving, he gave the gun back and asked a coworker to keep an eye on it.
“The officer fled to his hamlet in the Busia District, located in Bwalila, Bumango Parish, Masinya Sub County. He was stopped at Uganda customs on May 14, 2023 at around 7 a.m. when he attempted to enter Kenya. We would want to express our gratitude to the Flying Squad, KMP, and DPC Busia arresting teams,” Mr. Enanga continued.

Fred Enanga, spokesman for the police

He was taken to KMP headquarters, where a physician checked him and determined that he was healthy and normal, according to SCP Enanga.

“After being questioned, he confessed to killing the victim because he had supposedly cheated him. He is scheduled to appear in court at Buganda Road for murder after the charges against him were approved, according to Mr. Enanga.
According to earlier reports, the administration of the Force at CPS Kampala decided roughly six years ago not to outfit PC Wabwire with a gun because of his medical issues.

Since then, he has been assigned to beats where carrying a weapon is not necessary.
Prior to the incident, he was most recently stationed at a CCTV monitoring station.
PC Steven Mulambo, who supplied PC Wabwire with the weapon used in the shooting, is also in detention for neglecting to watch the weapon.

He should have gone back to the Armory before leaving the station, as required by our force policy on the use of firearms. Instead, he illegally left the station to handle a personal business; this is a flagrant instance of severe neglect and indiscipline. The victim lost his life as a result of his carelessness. As a result, he was imprisoned in Kireka while awaiting disciplinary action for his improper behavior. Because of their poor monitoring, his immediate supervisors also face disciplinary action, Mr. Enanga continued.

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