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Who Was  Isma Olaxess, See Full Biography

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Isma Olaxess

By Gad Masereka

Kampala, Uganda: Isma Olaxess, a well-known blogger from Uganda, was shot and killed on Saturday night in Kyanja, a city suburb of Kampala, the capital of the country.

Olaxess had been chosen president of the Uganda Bloggers Association in 2021 at the time of his unfortunate shooting. He was a well-known and influential political commentator and music critic in Uganda.

Police announced on Saturday night that they were looking into the circumstances surrounding the NRM-leaning blogger’s death. This comes less than a week after Minister Charles Okello Engola was shot and died in the same spot by his personal security.

Isma Olaxess, Biography

Ibrahim Tusubira alais Isma Olaxess, also known as Jajja Iculi, was born in 1970 and raised with his parents in Kampala, Central Uganda. In 2005, he left for Sweden in search of better opportunities.

Isma Olaxess began blogging in 2014 when he was still living in Stockholm, Sweden. However, in 2015, he moved back to Uganda and continued his social media blogging activity, constantly attracting the attention of his fans.

He rose to fame in 2020 when Uganda’s Presidential General Elections took place, and he was one of the country’s most well-known political analysts and internet updaters.

Isma Olaxess won the election to lead the Uganda Bloggers Association (UBA) in 2021, unseating fellow bloggers Ashburg Kato and Wisdom Kaye in the process.

By 2020, one of his highest-earning years, Olaxess had a net worth of 113 million shillings and an annual income of more than 24.6 million shillings.

Olaxess reportedly received over 7 million shillings from the Uganda Bloggers’ Association while serving as its president and a blogger.

Olaxess, who was rumored to be seeing multiple women whom he kept a very low profile with, passed away childless due to infertility.

The 59-year-old confessed, when attending church in Nansana in February of this year at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s The Worship House, that therapeutic treatment had helped him deal with the stigma that had made it extremely difficult for him to come up about his long-standing problem and infertility;

“I have numerous issues. My family’s firstborn child is me. But I believed that many of my aspirations would come true when I moved overseas (to Sweden). It was, however, the contrary. Isma stated earlier this year, “Taking testing to understand our medical concerns is not our culture in Africa where we have grown up.

“The courage to discuss this subject in public was one of the things this therapy helped me do. Despite all of my body’s organs working properly, the doctors informed me I would never be able to have children. I nearly went insane,” he continued.

Ibrahim Tusubira, also known as Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Ichuli, was a well-known Ugandan blogger and critic who collaborated with influential people in the nation in addition to being a very proud home painter.

Olaxes was adored for his perceptive commentary on politics, entertainment, and social issues and had amassed a sizable following on Facebook and TikTok.

Isma Olaxess was given a brand-new Toyota Hiace by Hamis Kiggundu in 2021 as a reward for his loyalty to Ham. He called the car “Drone” and displayed it at his rental property to express his gratitude to the businessman for saving him from Boda Bodas.

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