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Security Recovers 31 Guns In Surprise Raid On A Kraal In Karamoja

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Security recovers 31 guns in surprise raid on a kraal in Karamoja

By raiding a kraal in the Moroto district early on Saturday morning during a cordon and search operation, the joint security forces have broken down criminal networks.

Brig. Gen. Joseph Balikudembe, commander of the UPDF third Division, stated that Lokeriaut had been targeted in this particular kraal. “We have found 31 firearms, 751 live rounds of ammunition, and 25 suspects acknowledged illegal ownership of guns,” he added.

A few criminal elements would emerge from Lokeriaut hideouts to disturb calm in Moroto Municipality and other metropolitan centers using the confiscated guns, said to Brig. Balikudembe, who also oversaw the on-the-spot, targeted, and intelligence-led cordon and search operation.

The majority of the suspects detained during the operation, according to the commander of the UPDF’s third division, are Turkana from neighboring Kenya who make alliances with their kin, the Matheniko in the Karamoja Subregion.

In order to calm the pastoralist communities, he asked the Kenyan government to work closely with the UPDF in the continuing disarmament campaign, particularly along the borderlines.

Brig. Balikudembe continued, “We have an agreement with KDF to deploy and provide borderline security as part of the broad spectrum of disarmament operations.

Among the other items recovered during the raid were 3 security uniform components, 32 magazines, and 19 bows and arrows.

Brig. Gen. Felix Busizoori, deputy division commander, claims that proper adherence to Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) for cordon and search, timely intelligence, close coordination, and combat readiness of joint security forces in the theater are all responsible for the success of this single operation in Usalama Kwa Wote.

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