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Shame Upon Him: Speaker’s House Maid  Ballooned By A Prominent NRM MP.

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A super horny Member of Parliament from the Central region has broken the legislative odds by bonking the Speaker’s house girl into cabbages and ballooning her in the process.

About six months ago, the youthful, vocal legislator who is very active both on air and social media platforms had been a frequent visitor at the Speaker’s home.

Being a public figure and having distinguished herself as a problem solver, the Speaker’s home is welcoming and the people there are very hospitable.

This is the reason why her friendly MPs are always there for tea.

This horny MP had taken it far and lately he was one of the guests that would at times be mistaken for the Speaker’s bag boy.

Actually a section of Ugandans on social media call him House boy.

He would be served like any other guest but was fond of complimenting every meal and drink the maid served until he later turned her into a ‘super meal’ to satisfy his untamable libido.

The MP admired the house girl at first sight but did not share his secret with anyone.

Although he would most times be in the company of other male legislators at the Speaker’s residence, his gestures and overtures towards the bummy maid swept her off her feet.

According to our moles, while at the Speaker’s home, the smitten legislator would occasionally keep licking his lips just like salivating Mr. Hyena whenever the bummy maid made her way wiggling after serving drinks or food.

When the maid would have an opportunity to face the legislators, the horny lad would not only lick his lips but brink his right eye to signal that he had a pending horizontal agenda for her.


Just like salivating Mr. Hyena, at some point, the obsessed legislator could not hide his intentions.

He started carrying small gifts for the house girl to create deeper rapport.

The happiness displayed by the MP on the day he secured a phone number from the maid was equaled when the Electoral Commission Returning Officer announced that he had won the parliamentary seat.

This was a breakthrough on the legislator’s side since he started frequenting the residence even during the Speaker’s absence.

The full throttle dating started and love was in the air. The MP took the advantage of her naivety and took her process by process until she displayed her thigh-land through which a smooth road to her flowery pot was accessed.

It was not long before the Legislator started swimming in deep waters amidst praises from the village belle.

It is said that the legislator first insulated his electric wire on suspicion that he could get infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

However, after gazetting the oil well from other encroaches, the legislator reportedly carried slides in his coat to test her blood so as to enjoy her tubeless.

To his advantage, the maid was still safe.

Upon discovering that she was safe, the legislator stormed the gym and applied all the styles including the wheelbarrow on her to get the results of incessant bonking in a short period of time.

He would bonk her from one of the guest houses in Kampala suburbs. But he once had a quickie in one of the toilets at the Speaker’s home.

He convinced and at the same confused her until she forgot her safe days. Indeed it did not take long, the mighty MP rightly scored in the right hole and she started vomiting.

After a few months, the legs started swelling and the tummy protruded.

She could not fit in any of her old clothes due to the bulging tummy.

It was very easy to notice her behavioral changes since her lifestyle transformed.

Although her dress-code and skin complexion changed to the tune of that corporate lady befitting an MP’s insatiable whopper, she stayed in the same office—Speaker’s house maid.

And when word started making rounds in the corridors of parliament that the youthful MP had ballooned the Speaker’s house help, the transformed maid was moved from her known workplace to a yet to be known destination.

It is not yet clear whether the MP is still in touch with the maid but we can confirm that the ample time they were together, he enjoyed blissfully.

The motor-mouthed NRM MP is a serial sharp shooter. At his age, he is still sampling them babes and none of them befits his status.

The horny NRM MP was recently overheard telling pals that he intends to produce as many children as possible but it would serve him better if the kids stayed with their mothers.

He wants to produce children of the exact number of men President Museveni went to the bush with, in 1981 to launch the struggle against the dictatorial government of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote.

Here at The New Light Paper, we pray that God blesses him with more children as he fulfills what is written in Gen. 1:26- 27.

Our in-house sexpert, Mighty Hyena, commends the legislator for the job well done but advises him to insulate his smart wire if he wants to remain in parliament for more than three ‘bisanja’.

“I really commend the good work the legislator is doing across the districts. However, he needs to be very careful to remain safe from contracting some deadly diseases which can curtail his political career. I have bonked women right from my village in Hoima to Kampala all through to Busia but I do it carefully. I avoid contracting STDs and producing children with all the strangers I bonk in one night stands. I have also successfully kept my marriage with Jasmine despite multiple sexcapades. To keep the family intact, I advise the MP to keep his bonking missions secretive,” The Mighty Hyena advises the legislator.

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