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“Kyagulanyi Was Created By President Museveni To Dislodge Dr Kizza Besigye,” Frank Gashumba

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The First Son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, recently attacked the elder generation of leaders—including his father, Yoweri Museveni, and his uncle, Gen. Salim Saleh—for allegedly dominating the younger generation as he announced his bid for the presidency.

Muhoozi, who is still a serving military officer, has stated on numerous times that he is tired of waiting for his chance to lead Uganda because his time appears to be rapidly running out.

Frank Gashumba, the recently appointed vice chairperson in charge of the Buganda region in the MK Movement, pleaded with people to support Muhoozi’s aspirations for a better Uganda in an interview with the New Light Paper. He added that he wouldn’t let down people like the leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

Below are excerpts

Congrats on being chosen to lead the MK Movement’s Buganda region as vice chair. What do you think?

Because I received a call while in Masaka, I felt challenged and astonished. It is an honor to show our supreme leader (Gen Muhoozi) that we are capable of organizing effectively for a better Uganda. Although it is difficult, we must produce results.

What is your responsibility as the vice chairperson of the area of Buganda?

My responsibility is to listen and learn about the difficulties people in Buganda face as well as potential solutions. It is known as the bottom-up strategy. We gather opinions from the populace, and when the manifesto is ready, it will be one that is focused on the populace. We are holding the first-ever official MK Movement Buganda conference during the second week of June (this year) to learn more about the issues the populace is facing and to develop contingency plans in the event that we seize power.

What benefits does Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba bring you?

I’m backing Muhoozi for a variety of reasons. We first require a stable nation. We don’t want to visit a nation where we can’t go locally. We require someone who can ensure the safety of Ugandans, and from what I understand, it will be many years before a military man continues to serve as president of Uganda. I don’t see Yoweri Museveni’s presidency being replaced by a civilian.

Despite the fact that I was born in Uganda and my great grandmother moved to Rwanda in 1923, I am supporting Muhoozi. Our people are deeply troubled by the conflict between Uganda and Rwanda. Every day, Banyarwanda people in Uganda were being detained on false allegations. With a small group of allies, Gen. Muhoozi was able to put an end to the battle between Uganda and Rwanda. Both Ugandans and Rwandans are currently able to travel freely between the two countries.

Gen. Muhoozi is the person I turn to when I need to find someone who can genuinely ensure my security in the nation. (Observe) his military experience. Gen. Muhoozi attended military colleges, which are the top schools ever. More than 200 presidents have come from the military colleges. What about Muhoozi if such schools produced presidents?

Dr. Kizza Besigye, Bobi Wine, and Gen. Muhoozi are all people you supported. What makes you jump from one person to another so frequently?

Dr. Kizza Besigye still has my support. Nobody has given more than Dr. Kizza Besigye to the impoverished and the voiceless. I’ve been behind him since 2006. I took part in his political campaigns. He has my admiration and respect. You mentioned (Robert) Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine), and I did, in fact, support him while he was a member of parliament. Despite the fact that we founded People Power and that Ugandans should be aware of this, I didn’t endorse Kyagulanyi for president.

He lacks the aorta necessary for the presidency. You must adapt to the way things are moving as time changes. Because I believe Gen Muhoozi to be the best candidate after President Museveni, I am endorsing him. He publicly declared his desire to lead Uganda, and as far as I’m aware, he will take office as its next leader.

Some allege that Westerners make up the majority of the MK Movement crew. Why is there a lack of regional balance?

Let me tell you that our supreme leader personally chose. I don’t remember ever meeting with him or sending him my name. I believe he chooses people based on their capacity for mobilization. You mentioned those from the west; nevertheless, only Bunyoro-born Balaam Barugahara has backed MK. You folks mix it up. Bunyoro is on the other side, and West is this end. He has a lot of openings that he will fill. He has not yet chosen a representative from the east. Our antennas would go up if he had picked someone from the (west) to lead eastern Uganda. Leaders from the broader Sebei region completely organized the event we had in Kapchorwa. I am confident that he will choose someone from the Sebei region over time.

What principles does Gen. Muhoozi uphold while he runs for president of Uganda?

We believe that this government has accomplished both some things and failed to accomplish many others. Gen. Muhoozi, for instance, is unhappy with Kampala’s current state. The largest hamlet you’ll ever visit, Kampala is incredibly disorganized, the roads are impassable with dust, it’s darkest at night, and everything.

Gen. Muhoozi wants a better Kampala, a nation where corruption is illegal and sinful, and a nation where opulence is a thing of the past. MK claims that we have enough money to maintain this nation, but money is instead going toward pointless endeavors. Gen Muhoozi dwells on youth during the course of the day. He is the one who considers Uganda’s 63% of children, who are between the ages of one and 24.

Gen. Muhoozi is charged with making erratic remarks and then erasing them. How is it possible that he was elected president of Uganda?

He is a human being in addition to being a four-star general and the son of president Museveni. For instance, I would remove a tweet if my advisers notified me that it was inappropriate. We should consider Muhoozi to be a human being, and I believe that barely 1% of the hundreds of tweets he has posted have been removed. I placed a hand bet on this. 99% of his tweets are still active and available. And it’s yet another tactic. The largest (percentage) of Uganda’s youth use social media. After posting a tweet, Muhoozi is featured as the main story.

When will Gen Muhoozi arrive?

Laws prohibit serving military officers, although Gen. Muhoozi is still a member of the UPDF. We are currently working to ensure that he is discharged from the military, but I already know he will arrive in 2026.

How would you make sure Gen Muhoozi wins in the Buganda region in 2026, should he decide to run since NUP currently controls the region?

I can assure you that the folks calling me have all been NUP members. Kyagulanyi let down his supporters. He promised people money and diamonds as well as food and butter. He gave Ugandans his word that he would get rid of the dictator. The man who guaranteed Ugandans that he would overthrow the ruler spends every day enjoying fun at Busabala Beach.

He set a new record by conducting an exclusive interview on a boat in a nation that, in his (claimed) opinion, is in a bloody state. Kyagulanyi violated the confidence Ugandans had in him. As his Nairobi peers are out on the streets, Kyagulanyi is conducting exclusive interviews from a boat near Busabala Beach. Youth in Uganda are angry with President Museveni, not General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, whom they regard as a brother.

What’s wrong with enjoying yourself? Does it prevent him from defending the Ugandan people?

Don’t then claim that Uganda is bleeding to death. Show me a single video of a boating party in Ukraine. Never utter the phrase “Uganda is bleeding.” Show me a photo of one of these four qualified freedom fighters having fun while they were engaged in battle. Send me one image of each of the following: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Yoweri Museveni, Paul Kagame, and Nelson Mandela. You cannot claim that Uganda is on fire while enjoying a smorgasbord. The vehicle driven by Kyagulanyi is identical to the vehicles driven by Muhoozi, Gen. Wilson Mbadi, Head of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, and Gen. Katumba Wamala. The president of Uganda, Museveni, donated that vehicle.

How certain are you that President Museveni donated the armored car to Kyagulanyi?

I’m certain. Let him prosecute me in court. How did that automobile get to Uganda? How did Kyagulanyi come to possess a firearm? A vehicle is an arm. Furthermore, it is known that President Museveni wrote to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to request that the car be excluded from paying taxes. Project Kyagulanyi belongs to NRM. President Museveni invented Kyagulanyi in an effort to unseat Dr. Kizza Besigye. Everyone in Uganda would be aware of this if there were critical minds here. Do you hear of any riots now? Between 2010 and 2017, Kampala was the scene of numerous disturbances every day.

Is Muhoozi growing too impatient and fixated on usurping his father’s authority? Why is he impatient?

We won’t have time to brand him. Our brand is being developed. I am the happiest person right now because instead of talking about Gen Muhoozi, the president’s son, people are talking about Muhoozi. We were able to accomplish it. Setting up a brand is difficult, but that is what we are doing.

Many individuals think that Gen Muhoozi is considerably inferior to Bobi Wine in terms of logic and intellect. They assert that Muhoozi is incapable of memorizing a two-page declaration. Are you confident?

Do we need transformers or orators in our country? You are being asked. Barack Obama may be the best orator, but my mother in Masaka is more concerned about having a full-service hospital. Orators are not wanted in Uganda. Norbert Mao, the minister of justice and constitutional affairs, would be the president of Uganda if they wanted orators. He is our nation’s top public speaker. Whoever is making the case that Kyagulanyi is skilled at giving speeches and other things, is he currently in the state house? The Ugandan people desire better lives. Comparing Kyagulanyi to Gen. Muhoozi is insulting. Gen Muhoozi belongs to the same species as lions and leopards, while Kyagulanyi is a rabbit.

Many believe that President Museveni would prevent Muhoozi from running in 2026.

How do you feel?

Gen. Muhoozi would have been permitted yesterday if I were Museveni. We pray that he will test the private sector by swiftly releasing Muhoozi from the military. We are traveling across the nation so that Muhoozi can learn about the struggles we face because he spent his entire childhood in a cage, from kindergarten through grade six, and then in military schools.

Your parting words to the Ugandan people.

The lion is finally escaping from its prison. A certified good tyrant is preferable to a content democratic government in my book. Ugandans require services such as good roads, hospitals, and schools. Both a better Kampala and a Kampala with selected mayors are needed. Election-based mayors are not what we need. Because its leaders are chosen through elections, Kampala is in a turmoil. Actually, the phrase “Lord Mayor” should be dropped. “Lord Mayor” is an honorific that Kampala does not merit. To obtain such title, 50 years are required.

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