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The Inside Story: How Minister Kitutu Escaped Arrest Inside The Cabinet Meeting

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Minister for Karamoja Maria Goretti Kitutu who is in hot soup The new Light paper

Drama ensued when Hon. Minister Kitutu left the cabinet meeting after discovering that President Museveni had ordered her detaintion in the next hours on allegations of mishandling iron sheets.

Reliable sources state that the ministers in charge of Karamoja issues, Agnes Nandutu and Kitutu, both drove to the State House to attend the meeting.

Yet, by the time the discussion about the iron sheets bonanza narrative started, one of them, Kitutu, had inexplicably vanished.

It was clear that this was the case when Gen. Museveni sought to talk with her.

The ministers who had seen her earlier were appalled to learn that she had left the cabinet room.

Nandutu was asked to speak by Gen. Museveni, but everyone saw that her arguments weren’t strong enough. She never came back, but Gen. Museveni reasoned that she could have left for a quick call.

After learning that Gen. Museveni was contemplating ordering her arrest there, Kitutu was reportedly obliged to depart the State House premises as swiftly as her legs and car could carry her, which may have left her in a difficult situation in front of other ministers.

Unnamed state house officials claim that Gen. Museveni then contacted Kitutu to provide a defense.

Before the week is out, she is intended to appear in front of him.

Unconfirmed speculations suggest that among other reasons, Gen. Museveni would rather politely ask Kitutu to quit than wait for his political knife.

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