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IRON SHEETS BONANZA! Charges loom over implicated gov’t officials as furious M7 receives ‘loot’ report…and consults AG, DPP

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This newspaper exclusively reveals that President Museveni has received the OPM iron sheets bonanza report and has pledged to ensure that those who dipped their hands in the till suffer penalties.

According to reliable sources, the study singles out a number of government officials, including ministers, Mps (NRM and opposition), technocrats, and several ordinary citizens.

He was apparently surprised by the NRM government bureaucracy’s escalating corruption, particularly in the highest echelons.

This explains why he kept quiet about the situation until Monday’s cabinet meeting at State House in Entebbe, when he finally let out a shout.

Museveni thoroughly analyzed the report after obtaining it a few days earlier and created potential accusations that ranged from stealing, misuse of authority, and terrorism.

According to information gathered, Museveni is prepared to prove to Ugandans that he is serious about combating corruption by classifying it as a terrorist crime and treating those responsible as suicide bombers.


Museveni has sought advice from the Attorney General’s office in an effort to avoid breaking the law.

Moreover, the AG has been requested to seek agreement from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) office.

In the next days, they will report to him, and no one who is involved will escape punishment.

They will be detained after being apprehended, arraigned in court, and remanded. No bond for them.

The narrow escape of Kututu

While the cabinet met on Monday at the State House in Entebbe, business was unusual.

Everyone who traveled there anticipated that Gen. Museveni, who has been mute on the iron sheets bonanza scandal, would finally provide some insight.

They also learned that he is so enraged by the story that he is wanting to fire, detain, accuse, and imprison someone.

By 6 o’clock, he entered the cabinet room since he had other financial obligations.

According to reports, he could not disguise his disgust and annoyance when it came to the iron sheets scandal since the “fishermen/women” he had trusted to look after Ugandans instead stole from them. He just feels deceived.

Gen. Museveni, who was obviously upset and resentful, allegedly referred to the theft as something “new” and said that enough was enough.


Cabinet sources claim that when Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, who is also the recipient of the iron sheets windfall, tried to make a defense statement on the subject, the discussion almost descended into a screaming brawl.

She apparently received a signal to “shut up” from Gen. Museveni, who was in a belligerent mood.


According to reliable sources, Agnes Nandutu and Kitutu, the ministers responsible for Karamoja affairs, both drove to the State House to attend the meeting.

Nevertheless, one of them—Kitutu—had mysteriously disappeared by the time the iron sheets bonanza tale argument had begun.

When Gen. Museveni asked to speak with her, it was immediately apparent that this was the case.

When she was discovered to have departed the cabinet chamber, the ministers who had seen her earlier were horrified.

Gen. Museveni requested Nandutu to speak, but her statements were allegedly not convincing and everyone took notice. Gen. Museveni reasoned that she may have departed for a brief call, even though she never returned.

According to reports, Kitutu was forced to leave the State House grounds as quickly as her legs and vehicle could take her after discovering that Gen. Museveni was considering ordering her arrest there, which may have put her in a very awkward position in front of other ministers.


According to unnamed state house insiders, Gen. Museveni has subsequently called Kitutu to provide a defense.

She’s supposed to show up in front of him before the week is up.

Unconfirmed rumors claim that Gen. Museveni, among other reasons, prefers to respectfully request Kitutu’s resignation versus waiting for his political knives.

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