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Female Teacher Arrested Over Homosexuality

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Jinja teacher arrested over lesbianism

A female teacher at the PMM Girls School in Jinja City has been detained by the police on suspicion of advocating homosexuality.
The instructor is being questioned as part of the investigations, according to James Mubi, a spokesman for the Kiira provincial police.
According to him, the instructor was detained when her suspected lesbian girlfriend filed a police complaint accusing her of abandoning her and enlisting young girls in their vice.

A 30-year-old woman who is her claimed lesbian lover turned herself in to police. The pair is under our care. The spouse alleges that the instructor has been cheating on her and neglecting to meet her basic requirements,” he stated in a weekend interview.

Yet, Mr. Mubi said, “the suspect confessed to police that she leased a residence for her girlfriend and set up for her wood company and she denied claims that she did not provide her purported lesbian companion with basic necessities.

He said that the instructor has been acting like a male, including the clothing code, in the eyes of her lesbian girlfriend.

Upon completion of the case file, according to Mr. Mubi, the two will be charged with sexual harassment in court.

This happened the day after hundreds of parents protested outside PMM Girls’ School in Jinja City over the supposed presence of a teacher who was encouraging homosexuality and lesbianism.

After many social media postings accusing the instructor of indulging their girls, the irate parents—who were barred from entering the school—demanded to take their kids home.

Ms Rose Kalembe, the head of the old girls’ school organization, said the teacher should be removed from school because she is “tarnishing its image”.

“When I attended this school in the 1990s, I was unaware of any lesbian problems. As elderly ladies, we have to take action since the alleged instructor was also a student at this school, she stated.

Parents are said to have spoken with the school administration about the problem, but their apparent inaction caused the parents to take further action.

When approached, the school administration refused to comment on the situation.

Mr. Haruna Mulopa, the Jinja City Education Officer, said that the matter has been turned over to the police.

“Because we are neither judges or attorneys, we cannot make a decision. We are unable to remark since there are still claims, he said.

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