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Chaos Reigns Inside KCCA As ED Kisaka’s Enemies Are Revealed

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The news that ED Dorothy Kisaka is poised to win a second kisanja, according to information that has reached our news desk from Kampala Capital City Authority headquarters, has caused concern.

Reports say that of those who haven’t accepted the news with joy include the Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan issues, Hajjati Minsa Kabanda.

Reports indicate the Kampala Minister has not been in good books with Kisaka. One of the concerns is because Kisaka is frugal when it comes to finance issues.

In reality it is said that on various times Kisaka has been receiving a lot of sermons and several calls from the Prime Minister’s office on the issues between her and Hajjat Minsa.

It’s believed that since the minister couldn’t utilize the city councilors (where NRM has no numbers) to put up rebuttals, she has opted to employ NRM structures especially those of Central and Nakawa Divisions with Mayor Salim Uhuru as her primary ally.

The current good example is a bunch of street cleaners who recently protested demanding for their salary. Intimate acquaintances of ED think this was stage managed and aimed to show her in poor light.

There are also challenges to deal with recruiting of new cleaners. The problem has polarized business at KCCA to an extent that minister Minsa had to storm the ED’s office requesting a one on one meeting. She was obstructed.

We have also discovered that the office of the Kampala RCC is in bed with the minister.

According to sources, it is reported that Kampala metropolitan police supervisors have received directives from the RCC’s desk to execute orders of the minister.

We are also alleged the deputy ED Eng. David Luyimbazi is also in bed with the minister.

Reports indicate he still feels the full ED role was his.

There is apparently a cold war between the two and in some situations the ED can give an order only to be redirected by her Deputy.

We shall keep you updated in our upcoming publishing.

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