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A sign Of The Endtimes? River Turns Blood As Council Staff Investigate Cause Of ‘The Strange Happening

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A disconcerting sight befell Perry Common Meadows in Birmingham as a brook turned a vivid shade of red, prompting Birmingham City Council to launch an investigation into this perplexing phenomenon. Discovered by a concerned passerby on Wednesday, January 24, the blood-colored stream has ignited both curiosity and speculation about the cause of this bizarre occurrence.

Environmental investigators from Birmingham City Council are diligently examining the reasons behind the brook’s sudden transformation, likened by some observers to scenes one might expect to witness at the end of the world. Councillor Jilly Bermingham, who represents the area, took to social media to inform the public and assure them that the matter is being thoroughly investigated.

Her post on X elicited various reactions, with fellow councillor David Barker humorously remarking, “What the hell is that? It looks like the start of a horror film!” The unexpected coloration of the stream prompted lighthearted comments online, such as, “When I said go out and paint the town red last night, I didn’t mean it literally.”

Evan Ritchie, another X user, humorously suggested that West Midlands police should be out looking for Moses, alluding to the biblical connotations associated with water turning into blood.

The eerie transformation sparked discussions about apocalyptic scenarios, with references made to the water-to-blood prophecies found in the book of Revelation. However, officials reassured the public that there is no imminent cause for concern, as additional apocalyptic events described in Revelation, such as blood rain, hail, fire, and burning trees, have not yet occurred.

Councillor Bermingham emphasized the urgency in determining the cause, stating, “I have the environment officers going down to check it out. At the moment, I don’t know what it is. I was only told about it last night. I put it on X mainly to warn people in case they got shocked if they went down there.”

As of Thursday, January 25, the water has largely returned to its normal state, with some remnants of the red coloring still visible further downstream. The investigation continues, with the community eagerly awaiting an explanation for this peculiar and unsettling event in Perry Common Meadows.

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