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Otafire To Muhoozi: Follow Procedures If You Want Change In NRM Or Else Form Your Own Party

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Otafire To Muhoozi: Follow Procedures If You Want Change In NRM Or Else Form Your Own Party

Maj Gen. Kahinda Otafiire, Minister of Internal Affairs, has counseled National Resistance Movement-NRM leaders and followers who are calling for change to adhere to the proper processes.

According to Otafiire, the NRM was founded on established protocols and guidelines that all party members must abide by.

Otafiire claims that the party’s founders were not stupid to establish a system of party leadership. He claimed that those who are unhappy with the current party structures might start their own party to take on the NRM.

“The general public and party members must elect the party’s leadership. If you don’t like the party, throw your own, and we’ll compete, said Otafiire.

At a celebration for the 37th NRM Liberation Day on Tuesday at the Nyabukara Youth Center in Fort Portal City, Otafiire gave a speech. A group of NRM supporters in the Rwenzori region who belong to the Rwenzori Patriots Association arranged the event.

He questioned how certain individuals who are not party members can advocate for President Museveni to hand leadership to the next generation.

Otafiire recently attacked the First Son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, for saying it was time for the next generation to take over from the NRM party as leader of the nation. This comes after Muhoozi referred to NRM as a “reactionary” party that was no longer able to speak for the younger generation.

Muhoozi should not have minimized the party that has held power since 1986, according to Otafiire. Otafiire claimed that for the 2026 presidential elections, they would continue to support Museveni.

In response, Muhoozi tweeted that he wouldn’t stand by and let the minister destroy the next generation’s ability to handle the nation’s affairs.

Muhoozi has not formally announced his intention to run for president, but he has made hints about it in various social media posts.

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