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“You Will Have To First Crucify Us If You Want To Lead Our Country” Muhoozi’s Haters Strke Back

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Ugandans again express their solidarity against the unwanted political
sagas that have risen over the past 48 hours which mostly reside on the
side of first son.

This has been done through the straight harsh and hitting flesh bullet form
statements that many have composed over the recent first son’ s viral tweet
regarding his coming to contest come 2026 Uganda’ s political race.

"You Will Have To First Crucify Us If You Want To Lead Our Country'' Muhoozi's Haters Strke Back 48

The main child’ s tweet has came up in the late evening of sixth May 2022,
where he called attention to his wild help and adore Ugandans have for him.

In his tweet he made explanations saying that individuals of Uganda are in
much love with him and will uphold him as the just prominet and able official
applicant come 2026 official seat race.

He continued and declared that fewer Ugandans who have contempt for him
are presently in shock since they see areas of strength for another political
goliath showing up to the front of Uganda’ s political line very soon.

” I hear a few little skeptics are being upset that the third relentless lion has
surpassed them. they will realize what Ugandans need, ” Muhoozi tweeted.

Gen Muhoozi’ s tweet came up in the wide day sparkling adventure of
Gashumba against Ugandans about his tweet of giving validity to the main
child as the main Ugandan who is equipped for turning into the following
leader of the nation Uganda.

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