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Fear As Armed Military Officer Videotaped Harassing A Traffic Cop

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A video of a military police officer dragging a traffic official by his collar in a brawl over traffic congestion at Mukwano Mall in Kampala has shocked Ugandans on social media.

According to police, the event in the video occurred at 6 p.m. on Monday.

According to a police source, the brawl erupted after some military officers driving a green vehicle with the registration number D02DF08P ordered the traffic officer to make way for them. The police, on the other hand, advised them to wait.

“One of the crews stepped out of the car and approached the traffic officer, and a military man instructed the traffic officer to open the road for them. Because there was a lot of traffic, the traffic officer advised them to be patient. He was only grabbed by the collar, much to his amazement. A skirmish occurred, and one of the military police officers fired a bullet, damaging someone’s automobile. Their commander claims that the entire crew has been apprehended “According to a police source,

Many Ugandans have flocked to social media, where the video has gone viral, to criticize what they see as a growing culture of impunity among armed officers on the roadways.

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