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Teddy Naluswa In Tears Over Court Ruling

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Teddy Naluswa Bujingo, Pastor Aloysius Bujingo’s estranged wife, is fuming and wants Family Court Judge Joseph Murangira to dismiss her divorce case.

This is in response to the Judge’s order that she hand over her land titles and car ownership documents to her husband.

Despite Teddy’s appeal being dismissed, Judge Murangira issued his decision on March 15th.

Teddy told the court through her lawyers that she doesn’t trust her husband’s intentions because he could use the documents to harm her before the divorce is finalized.

She claims that the Man of God from Canaan paid a large sum of money to influence the proceedings in his favor.

Teddy wants the judge removed from the case for this reason, according to our source, because she believes he is biased.

Teddy also wants the divorce case to be halted until the Entebbe court ruling on Bujingo’s second marriage to Susan Makula is made because that will be evidence for her in the divorce case.

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