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Omusinga Mumbere Trashes His Social Media Critical Condition Claims, Warn Politicians

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Omusinga Mumbere Trashes His Social Media Critical Condition Claims Warn Politicians

By Gad Masereka

The King of Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Kingdom, Charles Wesley Mumbere, has chastised those who use social media to destabilize the Rwenzori Region’s community.

Mumbere said he is shocked by information circulating on social media claiming he is critically ill and has been denied treatment by the government, in a recorded message broadcast on Kasese’s Messiah Radio on Saturday night.

For the past week, word has been circulating on social media that the cultural leader is critically ill and in need of specialized medical attention.

Mumbere, on the other hand, stated in his message that he is fine and that the government and security agencies are taking good care of him.

“I want to show you that I am well and healthy, and I was also shocked to see on social media that I was sick and in a coma, and that the government had denied me access to medical care.” Mumbere stated flatly, “That was misinformation.”

Mumbere claimed that the kingdom has experienced wars in recent years as a result of pre-planned moves orchestrated by anti-monarchy forces. He advised his subjects to rely on information obtained from local television and radio stations.

Mumbere also requested that politicians stay away from his court case, claiming that the circumstances that led to his arrest and the arrest of over 100 royal guards were non-political. “If it was a political case, any politician could become interested and file a complaint,” Mumbere said.

Mumbere also revealed that he had visited the royal guards still being burned alive in the Nalufenya and Luzira prisons and found them to be in good health.

Mumbere delivered his Easter message, urging his people to support government programs aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting peace, and putting an end to all ethnic tensions. Since the police and army raided Mumbere’s palace in 2016, this is the second direct message from him to his people.

Mumbere sent a message last April criticizing those who set fire to the remaining portion of the royal palace. During the joint security raid, over a hundred royal guards were killed, and a similar number were apprehended alongside Mumbere and charged with treason, murder, attempted murder, and robbery, among other charges.

In 2017, Mumbere, his Prime Minister Johnson Tembo Kitsumbire, and six minors were released on bail. Mumbere was denied access to Kasese, Bundibugyo, and Kabarole districts as part of his bail conditions for fear of interfering with the investigations. The Jinja High Court released 132 royal guards on bail in January of last year.

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