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“A Broke Man Has No Right To Fall In Love,” – Singer Hellen Lukoma

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Hellen Lukoma The New Light Paper

Personality with multiple talents Hellen Lukoma claims her man was not wealthy and was in financial difficulty when they met. She stuck with him and is now reaping the benefits of her loyalty.

“A broke man has no right to fall in love,” as the saying goes nowadays. You have become a burden to the woman.

Girls adore money, and they openly declare that a man who cannot provide the finer things in life should not sweat on top of them during romance.

Whether you agree or disagree, the times have changed! However, there are a few women who will fall in love with a man regardless of his financial situation.

One of them is Hellen Lukoma. Despite now owning a new Range Rover and leading a glamorous life thanks to her wealthy husband, this was not the case when they met.

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"A Broke Man Has No Right To Fall In Love," - Singer Hellen Lukoma 48

Lukoma recalls meeting her boyfriend, Kaka Anwar, when he was a young man trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.

She reveals that she stayed with him regardless of his status, and they have built an empire together. She is now reaping the benefits of her devotion.

I met him when he wasn’t wealthy. He was struggling to make it, and I was clinging to him. I am currently reaping the benefits of sticking with him.

Lukoma, Hellen

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