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Reconsider Traveling To Uganda Due To Crime & Terrorism, The Us Warns Its Citizens

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The United States of America has issued travel advisories to its nationals, encouraging them to reconsider traveling to Uganda due to crime and security concerns.

Uganda’s security danger level was elevated to III, the second-highest level, by the US in a travel advisory released yesterday.

The US travel notice stated, “Reconsider traveling to Uganda due to crime and terrorism.”
The US sanctioned the chief of Military Intelligence, Maj Gen Abel Kandiho, the day before, accusing him of supervising violations of the rights of political opponents of the government.

The Ugandan army has also just begun operations in eastern DRC in pursuit of the Allied Democratic Forces rebels, whom they accuse of carrying out four terror strikes in Kampala and on Masaka Road last month, killing nine people.

“Recent attacks in and around Kampala have been claimed by terrorist groups active in Uganda. While the attacks do not appear to have targeted foreigners, “acts of violence can happen to anyone,” according to the US warning.

“Violent crime, like as armed robbery, home invasion, and sexual assault, can happen at any moment, particularly in larger towns like Kampala and Entebbe. “It’s possible that local police don’t have the resources they need to respond effectively to serious crime,” it says.

Other countries take US alerts seriously because of the country’s intelligence capability. Depending on the level of safety, the US embassy frequently modifies its travel recommendation.

According to police spokesperson Fred Enanga, there are no particular threats in the country. He did say, though, that they would contact the US embassy for more information about the alert.

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