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Pope Francis: Cheating On Your Wife Is A Sin, But It Isn’t The Worst

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Francis I mass Vatican City March 14 2013

According to Pope Francis, lust is not the worst of the deadly sins.

According to Reuters, the Catholic Church’s leader told reporters on the papal jet en route from Greece to Italy on Monday that there are worse indiscretions than sex outside of marriage.

“Fleshly sins are not the most serious,” the 84-year-old holy leader remarked of extramarital sex. Instead, pride and hatred were the most common transgressions.

Following the resignation of a Paris archbishop earlier this month over a relationship with a woman, Francis ranked the worst wrongdoings. According to Reuters, the 70-year-old French cleric Michel Aupetit denied becoming intimate with the unnamed girl, a practice that would violate his vow of chastity.

“It was a minor transgression of the sixth commandment (You must not commit adultery),” says the author. “There is sin there, but it is not the worst sort,” the Pope explained.

The pope stated he accepted Aupetit’s resignation because the rumors were too damaging.

“He was found guilty, but by whom?” By public opinion, by gossip… Francis told reporters that he could no longer govern.

“I accepted Aupetit’s resignation on the altar of deceit, not the altar of truth,” the Pope added.

Aupetit also apologized for whatever harm he had caused.

In a statement released on Thursday, he added, “I ask forgiveness from those I may have offended.”

“The attacks on me have severely disturbed me…

As Christ has taught us, I pray for anyone who may have wished evil things upon me.”

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