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Pastor Bugingo’s Kwanjula: How Gashumba Spotted A Man Distributing Huge Packets Of Cash

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In the event that his lover, Suzan Makula, introduces him, Pastor Aloysius Bugingo has brought regular business to a halt.

The “Kwanjula” is a traditional marriage that meets all of the requirements for a man and woman to become one.

This Kwanjula is a follow-up to the opulent “kukyala” ceremony, at which the city pastor paid a formal visit to the woman’s parents.

The ceremony was marked by the presence of high-profile figures from Uganda’s highest echelons.

Among them is Frank Gashumba, who has been seen handing out large cash envelopes.

As he distributes cash to the Bako, Gashumba appears to be serving as Bugingo’s financial henchman (in-laws).

A Ugandan custom involves giving cash to in-laws at traditional marriage rituals in order to buy or demonstrate affection for one’s better half’s family.

Makula and Bugingo are victorious in their legal battle.

Aloysious and Suzan are two words that come to mind when I think of Aloysious and Suzan.

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