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LC1 Chairperson Murdered In Ritual Sacrifice

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George Tulilaba, the LC1 chairperson of Namukooge village in Mazuba sub-county, Namutumba district, was murdered and his body buried outside a shrine in nearby Igelela village.

Children who had gone to gather water from a nearby wetland came across the deceased’s lifeless corpse.

They notified local leaders, who raced to the scene to check on the motionless body and contacted police.

The body of the dead was discovered with significant wounds on the neck. However, there were traces of blood, raising the possibility that he was a victim of a ritual sacrifice.

The shrine’s operators, whose identities police have kept, have since retreated into hiding.

Tulilaba left for his normal nightly social meetings with his coworkers in the commercial center, according to a family member, Aggrey Mulowozo, but did not return home.

“He departed and did not return home, despite the fact that all of his phones were turned off, causing us to look for him in the trading centre, but he was not there. We made the decision to notify the members of the local security committee, who informed us that Tulilaba had been assassinated outside a shrine “he stated

Diana Nandawula, a spokesman for the Busoga East Region police, confirmed the occurrence and said that investigations are underway.

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