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NUP Register Over 1200 Members In Kampala – Says Joel Ssenyonyi

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NUP Register Over 1200 Members In Kampala Says Joel Ssenyonyi

By The NLP
KAMPALA: – The People Power pressure group/ National Unity Platform (NUP) have so far registered over 1200 members in Kampala district. Joel ssenyonyi the spokesperson of NUP together with the People Power pressure group,   while speaking to the press , confirmed that the NUP has so far registered more than 1200 members in Kampala which is a big success to them.
He added , “This is a big step on our side,” Ssenyonyi . He also confirmed that the distribution of the membership cards which a white, navy blue and red NUP membership cards with the umbrella logo bearing a bar Code and membership pledge has been extended to the constituencies and parish levels in different parts of the country and it will be got at shs. 1000 each.

He further revealed that the returning of the nomination forms ended yesterday, and that over 6,200 aspirants had picked forms for the over 1.7 million elective positions under the People Power ticket in an exercise that opened about two weeks ago.
National Unity Platform (NUP) president and presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has today unveiled the official party membership card. The red and white card has the NUP logo, the umbrella.
Addressing the media at NUP offices in Kamwokya that also double as the headquarters of People Power, Kyagulanyi said the NUP membership card will cost a paltry Shs 1,000 for all categories of Ugandans.
NUP and People Power spokesperson, Joel Ssenyonyi, said they took time contemplating about a favourable amount for all people till it was resolved that the cards should be affordable to all classes of people. Ssenyonyi cited an example of boda-boda riders who have not been working due to COVID-19 directives and might not afford more than Shs 1,000 for buying NUP cards.
“All our cards are of the same standard. This is a party that we want the common man to feel it is his. People have not been working and we want to make it easy for them to be members of this party,” Ssenyonyi said.
Kyagulanyi said NUP is still welcoming all members to join the party or to form a People Power alliance as the clock ticks towards 2021 general elections. Citing an example of JEEMA president, Asuman Basalirwa, who is also Bugiri Municipality MP, Kyagulanyi said all people they have been working with will not be abandoned because the agenda is taking over leadership of this country.
“We told that NUP is the registered version of People Power, therefore, People Power stays. People Power is NUP and NUP is People Power and vice versa. It happens to our other allies from other political formations. Our coordinator in Busoga is honourable Asuman Basalirwa who is the president of Justice Forum or JEEMA. We told you before and we tell you again that People Power is wider than ourselves. People Power is a platform that brings together all forces of change at least the willing ones,” Kyagulanyi said. 

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