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Govt Is On Panic; Bobi Wine Speaks Out On Heavy Deployment At His Home, Office

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Kampala: As President Yoweri Museveni plans to be confirmed for his 6th term as President of Uganda tomorrow on Wednesday, May 12 at Kololo, there has been an expansion in the security organizations in Kampala, Wakiso and any remaining significant towns the nation over.
Among the spots that are suffering substantial security presence is his home in Magere and NUP offices of the former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi assumed name Bobi Wine.
Recently, neighbors to his workplaces in Kamwokya woke up to substantial military and police organization who are watching the whole region. For his home in Magere, an amplified security group began setting up camp there yesterday
Bobi Wine guarantees that military agents are capturing a large number of his allies and individual pioneers. In any case he asks his camp to keep quiet and simply bear the frenzy from the system.
“This all addresses a certain something: those we dread really dread us the most. They are attempting to threaten us since they are scared,” says Bobi Wine.
As indicated by reports accumulated by NLP, an augmented security group encompassed the home of the Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi moniker Bobi Wine in Magere, Wakiso District.
Bobi Wine through his online media asserted that the sending is a direct result of the impending swearing in of President Yoweri Museveni scheduled for this Wednesday, May 12.
Deo Akiki, the Army Deputy representative has said that the organization at Bobi Wine’s home is to his benefit.
“We accord security dependent on the heaviness of an individual. Bobi Wine is a recognized Ugandan. His security can’t be as anyone else’s,” said Akiki.
He disproved that the sending is to obstruct Bobi Wine from advancing beyond the swearing in.
“He was welcomed. I saw the greeting. On the off chance that he chooses to join in, we will accompany him,” he said.
The security powers have ceaselessly blamed components in the resistance for having plans to intrude on the swearing in of president-elect Museveni. Also, Police representative Fred Enanga today uncovered how an official applicant is intending to swear himself in from Iganga.

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