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UPDF Unit Officer Colonel Byaruhanga Shot By Cow Rustlers

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The UPDF unit officer Colonel Ezra Byaruhanga has been shot and injured in Nabilatuk region.

Col. Byaruhanga was supposedly shot in the leg and arm as they sought after presumed Jie champions who had assaulted 8 heads of steers from Siju town on Thursday night.

He has been traveled to an anonymous medical clinic for therapy.

The champions additionally shot dead 2 infantry fighters in the very fight that occurred at around 11.00pm on Thursday.

The Resident District Commissioner of Nabilatuk, Milton Odongo affirmed the report in a meeting saying that the leader has been transported to an anonymous medical clinic.

In Kotido, champions additionally interacted with ASTU and UPDF fighters, and one hero was shot dead. A SMG attack rifle with 4 rounds of ammo was recuperated.

This was affirmed by the UPDF third division representative Capt. Edrin Mawanda.

Frailty stays a prickly issue that has tossed networks in Karamoja in dread. In certain spots in the area, uncertainty occurrences have constrained the occupants to go into their homes early.

Paul Lemu, an inhabitant Nabilatuk town chamber says networks around the town committee have recently been focused on by looters as there are conflicts practically after at regular intervals locally. He needs the public authority to address the weakness soon with the goal that networks can understand advancement.

“There are attacks in our networks each following 3 days,” he said. “You hear they have attacked. These steers are not recuperated and that is the way we lose. We are uncertain.”

A few regions in the area are progressively thought to be uncertain, and the networks are getting threatening to guests on doubt that they are gathering knowledge.

There are additionally some street segments that the security organs have encouraged general society to be additional mindful when riding through.

In the mean time, the security powers are amplifying arrangements across the sub district in the midst of expanding uncertainty circumstance presented by the bandits. There are mechanized watches on key courses including Moroto-Kotido street, Moroto-Katakwi street just as in spaces of Kotido.

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