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Pictorial; Rema Namakula With Dr. Hamza After Harvesting Rema’s Sweet Nabuunya In Dubai’s Most Costly Hotels

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In the wake of unloading the African Prince one Eddy Kenzo formally on fourteenth/November/2019 , The “Siri Muyembe ” hit creator chose to satisfy her guarantee which she made in a tune knowing as ( Deep In Love ) by saying “Ndiba Omuyaye,Bwaliba omuyaye, Ngyakufuka Mukyala Doctor , Bwaliba nga Doctor ” .

She satisfied this line by unloading “Semyokozo Musuuza while attaching With Dr. Hamza Sebunya and now the diva is called Mrs Doctor .

Life has been so difficult since Rema left Eddy Kenzo’s Seguku Mansion however thumping every one of these difficulties, A mother of one kid has chosen to waste each and every bad analysis about their relationship with Hamza and things are moving easily for there sake .

As they worm up for birthday festivities which will be there tomorrow on 24th : April , The force superstar couple and there relatives went to Dubai. Dr. Hamza, His Mother and sisters including Eddy Kenzo’s Aamal Musuuza .
This birthday festivity has pulled in media consideration and many are holding back to perceive how it goes , However, As they sit tight for festivities which is probably going to there by tomorrow night, Rema and Hamza has chosen to get a unique five star lodging in Dubai where they will continue accomplishing bed function as they hang tight for the outcomes.
April 23, 2021 12:55 pm

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